Join Broadway Church
With Pastor Darin & Jan Latham
March 19 - 30, 2020
Take the Unique Jordan extension
Returning April 3, 2020


Day 1 – Thursday, March 19

4:15am Meet in the departure hall at Vancouver Airport to check for the 6:45am West Jet flight to Toronto. Arrive in Toronto 2:30pm, then continue on the EL AL direct, flight to Tel Aviv at 8:15pm, meals served on board.

Day 2 – Friday, March 20

Arrive in Tel Aviv 12:50pm meet your tour guide. Drive north along the Mediterranean shore through the Plain of Sharon on the old coastal road which linked Egypt and Babylon, known later as the Roman Via Maris, en route to the Galilee. Stop at Caesarea the largest port in the Mediterranean, built by King Herod the Great. Here Pontius Pilate had his seat; Cornelius lived and was baptized (Acts 10); Paul embarked to Tarsus (Acts 9:30); And Philip preached (Acts 8:40). Visit the Roman Theatre, the Hippodrome and the Crusader City. 1 night: Leonardo Plaza ~ Haifa (Dinner)

Day 3 – Saturday, March 21

View Muhraka, “the burned place” on the summit of Mt. Carmel, where the prophet Elijah challenged the 400 false prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:30). Drive along the Jezreel Valley to Megiddo to visit one of King Solomon’s fortified city kingdoms (1 Kings 9:15; 10:26), with impressive, layered ruins of 25 levels of civilization. From here the Books of Daniel and Revelation will come alive, as you read about Armageddon ~ the final Battle. Continue to Nazareth, Jesus’ childhood home. Visit Nazareth Village to relive life from the time of Jesus and view the Church of the Annunciation. Time permitting stop on Mt. Arbel for a spectacular view of the area of Jesus Ministry, the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. 3 nights: Ramot ~ Golan Heights. (Breakfast & dinner)

You can save $148 per person if you select Ein Gev or Kinar hotels ~ Sea of Galilee or save $245 per person when you select Leonardo Club & Leonardo hotels ~ Tiberias (minimum 25 participants). Select the hotel options on the back of your Application

Day 4 – Sunday, March 22

Sail on the Sea of Galilee to Kibbutz Ginnosar. Visit the ancient boat from the time of Jesus. Continue to Kfar Nahum (Capernaum), centre of Jesus’ Ministry in the Galilee and site of many of his miracles (Mark 2:4; Matt.8:5; 14-7; 9;1-7; 17:18), including: the remains of St Peter’s house and the ancient synagogue where Jesus taught and worshipped (Mark 1:21; Luke 4:31). Visit Chorazin, one of three villages mentioned in the Gospels that did not accept Jesus’ Ministry, en route to the Mt. of Beatitudes. Walk down through the valley where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount” (Matt.5). Stop at Tabgha, visit the water front at the Church of the Primacy of Peter. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 5 – Monday, March 23

Drive north along the foot of the Golan Heights to “the finger of the Galilee”. Visit Dan, a fascinating lush Park and spring, the largest source of the Jordan river. Where the Bible comes to life – including the amazing mud brick gate that Abraham walked through (Genesis 14:14), an Iron Age gate complex and an impressive altar. Continue to Banias, another source of the Jordan River. See the waterfall, then visit ancient “Caesarea Philippi,” where Peter made the confession of faith in Christ (Matt 16:16). View Kalat Nimrod, a fine example of a Crusader and Moslem fortress as you travel onto the Golan Heights. Journey across the Golan Heights, stopping to view Kuneitra en route to Beth Saida, another one of three villages mentioned in the Gospels that did not accept Jesus’ Ministry. Stop at Gesher Arik to walk along the Jordan River. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 6 – Tuesday, March 24

Travel to Mt. Tabor to visit the site of the transfiguration of Jesus and enjoy a spectacular view of the surroundings. Continue to Beit Shean, where the body of King Saul and his sons were placed on the walls by the Philistines (1 Samuel 31:10), later known, in Jesus’ day, as Scythopolis, capital of Decapolis. Following the pilgrimage route that Jesus & the Galileans took drive down the Jordan Valley, through the homeland of Prophet Elisha, where the desert now blooms with flowers and vegetation of every description (Isaiah 35:1-2). Then ascend through the Judean Desert Wilderness. Stop to visit Genesis Land where you ride camels to Abraham’s tent and enjoy Biblical hospitality. Ascend to the Holy City “Jerusalem of gold”. Stop on Mt. Scopus to recite a Psalm of Ascent with your first view of the Holy city. 6 nights: Prima Kings & Prima Royal ~ Jerusalem (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 7 – Wednesday, March 25

Start this glorious day on the Mt. of Olives, for a stunning panoramic view of Jerusalem Old and New, the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque built on the Temple Mount. Following in the footsteps of Jesus and the Galileans, stroll down the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane at the Church of All Nations. Drive along the Kidron Valley ~ the Valley of Jehoshaphat, past the Tombs of Absalom, Zechariah and Bnei Hazir en route to Mt. Zion. Visit the home of the high Priest Caiaphas, where Peter denied Jesus for the 3rd time. Continue across the city to the Israel Museum, to visit the model of Ancient Jerusalem, describing the city from the time of Jesus and the adjacent Shrine of the Book, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest Bible manuscripts. End the day at the Garden Tomb, Gordon’s Calvary, site of the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Christ, with time for contemplation and communion. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 8 – Thursday, March 26

Start the day at Yad Vashem – national memorial and Museum of the Shoah (Holocaust), to pay tribute to the six million Jewish victims of the Shoah in Europe during the Second World War, including the New Museum and the Children’s Memorial. Get your hands dirty delving into the past at Emmek Zurrim an active archaeological sifting site. Visit David’s City including: a 3D presentation, a splendid view of the Kidron Valley (the Valley of Jehoshaphat) and the Mt of Olives, a walk through the Canaanite (dry) or Hezekiah’s (wet) tunnels and the pool of Siloam. Continue to the Western Wall, an important Jewish prayer area, then take a fascinating walk back in time under the city in the Western Wall tunnels. Proceed along the path of Palm Sunday to the Pools of Bethesda & the church of St Anne. Walk along the ancient alleyways of the colourful “Suk” (bazaar), through market place & along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Visit the King of Kings Pavilion. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 9 – Friday, March 27

Drive to Bethlehem birthplace of Jesus, to visit the Church of the Nativity, the oldest church in the world. Return to Jerusalem, walk through the colourful Mahane Yehuda (open air) food Market then drive back in time through Meah Shearim – the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood. Enter the Old City through Jaffa Gate walk through the Armenian Quarter to the Jewish Quarter. Visit the Roman, Byzantine, Crusader Main street called the “Cardo.” Stop at the Broad Wall, mentioned in the book of Isaiah. Continue through the Herodian Mansions to get a glimpse of quality of life from the time of Jesus, en route to the Southern Wall Archaeological Park and the Davidson Centre. Here you visit the impressive excavations along the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount including the very stairs Jesus used to enter and exit the House of The Lord. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 10 – Saturday, March 28

Descend through the Judean desert and travel along the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth (over 1300 feet below sea level) en route to Masada. Ascend (descend) by cable car to the summit of King Herod the Great’s remote desert fortress, later the last stronghold of the Jewish Zealots in the revolt against Rome (73 ace). Travel north and stop at the lush desert oasis in Ein Gedi, where David fled the wrath of King Saul. Then stop at one of the many beaches to float on the Dead Sea the saltiest body of water in world – you cannot sink! Continue along the Dead Sea to Qumran, home of the Cult of the Judean Desert, where a shepherd boy discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947) in a nearby cave. Return to Jerusalem, time permitting visit the Western Wall to witness the welcoming of the Sabbath bride. (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 11 – Sunday, March 29

Spend a day of leisure in this fascinating city, with time to re-visit the Old City bazaars. Or to visit one of the many Museums that Jerusalem has to offer. Or relax at the hotel. Enjoy a farewell dinner in the hotel (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 12 – Monday, March 30

For those returning, transfer to Ben Gurion airport for your flight to Canada. Depart from Tel Aviv on EL AL at 10:15am flying non-stop to Toronto arriving at 2:50pm. Continue on the 7pm West Jet flight to Vancouver, arriving at 9:10pm.

OR TAKE A 5 DAY / 4 NIGHT UNIQUE, OPTIONAL JORDAN TOUR. Price per person is $1,369, based on: 2 people sharing a double room and a minimum of 25 participants. Not included: Single room supplement $389; Exit Tax for Israel & Jordan US$55 per person paid at border crossing; Jordan visa fee = free (subject to change); Gratuity US$50 per person. MARK YES TO THE JORDAN OPTION ON THE APPLICATION



Day 12 – Monday, March 30

Spend a day of leisure in this fascinating city. 1 night: Prima Kings or Prima Royal hotel ~ Jerusalem (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 13 – Tuesday, March 31

Transfer to the Allenby Bridge and cross into Jordan. Proceed to visit sites attributed to John the Baptist in the area known as The Jewish Courtyard – Kasr el Yahud. Continue inland and up into the Mountains of Moab. Stop to visit the famous Byzantine Mosaic map of the world at Madaba. Travel to Mt. Nebo, where emulating Moses you will view the Promised Land. Time permitting visit Little Petra. 2 nights: Old Village Resort ~ Petra (Breakfast & dinner)

Day 15 – Thursday April 2

Travel along the Via Nova Trajana to Wadi Rum, part of the spectacular Saudi Arabian desert. Enjoy a jeep tour in Wadi Rum of Lawrence of Arabia fame, including a sumptuous, noon, Bedouin “Hafla” (feast) ~ lunch. Continue to the Arava border and cross into Israel at 2:30pm. Travel via the Arava & Negev Wilderness to Tel Aviv. 1 night: Grand Beach hotel ~ Tel Aviv (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 16 – Friday April 3

Transfer to Ben Gurion airport for your flight to Canada. Depart from Tel Aviv on EL AL flying non-stop to Toronto at 7:15AM arriving at 11:50am, meals served on board. Continue on the 2pm West Jet flight to Vancouver, arriving at 4:10pm.